Progress Rail

No stranger to the railroad industry, Progress Rail expanded its offerings by purchasing the Inspection Products (defect detector) division from GE Transportation Systems in 2010.

The MicroHBD unit is a hot bearing detector that was released in 2005 by GE Transportation Systems, and continues to be produced today under the Progress Rail brand. One of the most popular defect detectors today, they can be heard on all 7 North American Class I railroads, as well as many regionals & short lines. Their advanced filtering systems have significantly reduced false alarms when compared to older models. Available upgrade kits allow many existing sites to be reused. They feature modems to connect to railroads' back office servers to record the results of each scan.

Micro Talker
The "voice" of the MicroHBD is itself available as a stand-alone unit for sites not requiring Hotbox detection. These versatile units can be used with dragging equipment, high car, wheel impact load, and other detectors. They can also monitor temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and more through optional inputs.