Devtronics Inc.

Devtronics has the distinguishment for holding the patent for the world's first micro computerized talking hotbox detector.

In 1997, Harmon Industries purchased Devtronics.

Early model utilizing a Servo tube front-end.

Another early model, this one using a Servo solid state front-end.

CMA02 (a.k.a. TSA3000)
Introduced in 1985 as a replacement for the 68178 & 68278 models. While the front-end was all Devtronics, the scanners & tranducers remained Servo components. Common users include CSX, Florida East Coast, Illinois Central, & RF&P.

Supervisory Control Alarm Telemtry (SCAT)
The SCAT is a non-hot bearing detector designed to detect high/wide loads and dragging equipment. Common users include Conrail & CSX.


  SCAT Manual

  Conrail SCAT Plans


Josh Ośmialowski