Audio Kits

For those looking to create your own custom defect detector messages for a model railroad, train simulator, etc., we offer the following audio kits. Each kit contains audio clips of each individual word or tone utilized by a detector, along with real world samples to help you match the timing & order of the prototype.

These kits have been painstakingly recorded for the highest possible quality, utilizing techniques such as tapping speaker leads with a line level converter or decoding the original voice files from the EEPROMs. This would not have been possible without the generous assistance of several individuals who have rescued & refurbished numerous retired defect detectors.

File Railroads Included Version Updated Release Notes
  Progress Rail Micro Talker Conrail, Norfolk Southern 1.0 1/3/2024 Initial Release
  Servo System 9000 Conrail 1.0 1/3/2024 Initial Release
  STC SmartScan NG Canadian Pacific, CSX, Norfolk Southern 1.0 1/2/2024 Initial Release
  STC SmartScan NGĀ² CSX, Norfolk Southern 1.0 1/2/2024 Initial Release
  Harmon (Generic) Coming Soon
  Harmon Cyberscan 2000 Coming Soon