Abbreviation Name Notes
AD Audible Detector CSX generic term for any talking detector; specific functions not listed until later timetables
DED Dragging Equipment Detector
DEDAC Dragging Equipment Detector w/ Axle Count DED with axle count ability - not all DEDs had transducers to count axles.
EHD Excessive Height Detector NS term for High Car Detector
FED Failed Equipment Detector BN/MRL generic term for any talking detector
HBD Hotbox Detector
HCD High Car Detector
HWD Hot Wheel Detector
PDD Plug Door Detector/Portruding Door Detector
SAD Stand Alone Detector NS term for Hotbox Detector that is not connected to their back office network
SED Stand Alone Dragging Equipment Detector NS term for Dragging Equipment Detector
SSD Stress State Detector NS term for a combined Wheel Impact Load Detector/Load Imbalance Detector site
TSA Track Side Analyzer NS term for Hotbox Detector
WID Wheel Impact Detector Another term for Wheel Impact Load Detector
WILD Wheel Impact Load Detector
WLD Wide Load Detector